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Fighting for our values.

The values that we hold most dear are under attack. As your state representative, I will fight every day to defend them.


I will work for you, not for special interest groups or career politicians. 

Statue of Liberty

Ryan's Priorities

  • Defending our constitutional rights

I believe every American is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will proudly defend our most basic liberties, and work to prevent them from being taken away.

  • Fighting for the sanctity of life

One of the most sacred gifts we are given is that of life. I will stand up for the sanctity of life: from conception to natural death.

  • Defending election integrity

The integrity of free and fair elections -- the cornerstone of our Republic -- is under constant attack. As state representative, I will work to ensure that our elections are secure and accurate.

  • Protecting parents' rights

Parents have a right to have a say in what's taught in their childrens' schools. Over time (and especially in the last two years), that right has drastically eroded. I will ensure that parents have a seat at the table, and that they are the key decision makers in the education of their family -- not bureaucrats or politicians.

  • Reinvigorating job growth

We must work to reinvigorate job growth in our state. In an ever-changing and ever-more-global economic environment, it's critical that Michigan stays competitive. I believe in creating an environment in which job creators can thrive. We must eliminate burdensome regulations on small business owners -- and help them drive economic expansion and growth.

  • Standing up for public safety

Now (more than ever), law enforcement officials have an extremely difficult and dangerous job to do. As your state representative, I will always have their back. I support increased funding for law enforcement, and measures that help police officers and firefighters keep our neighborhoods safe.

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